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Here’s why you shouldn’t take everyone’s money…

Like the majority of entrepreneurs, I stand behind every product/service I offer 1000%.

With that being stated, I know that I am not meant to serve anyone nor is everyone my target customer.

Years ago, I was happy to take money from anyone because I was in grind mode 24/7 and always wondering where the next dollar was coming from and IF the next dollar was coming in.

But, I’m going on my 13th year as an entrepreneur and I have had quite a few hard lessons along the way. One of those lessons is this: you can’t take everyone’s money.

The common perception in the online course world is that my job as the instructor is to convince people of why they should spend money on my services. The idea is that I should make constant non-stop efforts to convince people of why they should work with me.

In the last 2 years, it’s become clear to me that I have a duty to vet my customers as well.

Any transaction should be a MUTUALLY beneficial one – and it’s NOT always all about the money. In any business, there are customers that are high cost, high maintenance and high stress. It is my absolute goal to AVOID those customers at ANY cost. Granted, I don’t attract many people that fit that description. But, when I do, I REFUND those individuals the moment it becomes clear that their investment will far exceed the amount of havoc they can bring into the business. As of today, it’s less than 5 individuals that have fallen into this category.

I mean, is there any point in running your own business and being stressed out all the time? I no longer think so.

I’m making a concerted effort to change the narrative around entrepreneurship. Right now, there’s this idea that you grind and struggle and deliriously brag that you are #TeamNoSleep because you are going to prove everyone wrong.


What if successful entrepreneurs are well rested, even tempered, balanced and happily serving their ideal customer on a day to day basis?

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a plan to me!

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