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Calling All High Achieving Professionals
That Are Sick And Tired

Hi, I’m Danielle Pierce. I’m a 16+ year full time entrepreneur with a background in corporate audit, tax and public accounting. For a long time, I believed that working hard and working more would lead to long lasting financial success for me and my children. I learned the hard way that it’s possible to work hard forever and be broke forever. 

I don’t have all the answers but I certainly have a few. And as someone that’s had $300 months, $3,000 AND $100K months, I can speak to what was required at each stage of the game. I’m a living testament to a statement made by the wise American philosopher Drake: “Started from the bottom, now we’re here.” Click below for my current programs and offerings. Ta-Ta for now.

what we do

Unconventional Strategies. Unconventional Results

what we do

Unconventional Strategies. Unconventional Results

I used Property Preservation as a launchpad for the lifestyle I knew I’d always wanted. After a $30K start in 2013, I went on to gross over $2 million dollars in the next several years working as a property preservation vendor. That, in turn, led to earning over $2 million bucks teaching and helping hundreds of students around the country launch and scale their property preservation businesses.

With 300 five star reviews across Facebook, Thinkific, Amazon and Google, it’s safe to say that our Property Preservation Mastery program is highly effective. While we still offer our Property Preservation Mastery program, I’ve also added some additional tools to my entrepreneurial toolbelt.

These days, I’m all about buying businesses and automated revenue streams that are already cash flowing to build my cash flow and net worth at the same time. Click below to learn more.

Danielle Pierce

Real people; real results.

About me

Meet Danielle

A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, by way of the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship, Danielle Pierce has an accounting degree which she has not utilized in over 16 years. She began her entrepreneurial career after a sudden layoff from her corporate audit position. Danielle took this as a sign from the Heavens that she was meant to be a full time entrepreneur. Although she did look back a time or two (or three lol), she has held onto the reins of entrepreneurship and never plans to let go.

Danielle’s online courses and group training programs teach aspiring business owners how to establish and grow profitable six figure enterprises within the real estate industry, outside of sales. Her current areas of specialization include the following: Tax Lien Investing and Property Preservation.

Danielle is an author, speaker, the founder of a highly specialized real estate consulting firm, and a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council. She loves house music and can usually be found somewhere making it rain for her 3 little ones.

Danielle Pierce


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