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About Danielle Nicole

I’m Danielle Nicole. I’m a 16+ year full time entrepreneur with a background in corporate audit, tax and public accounting. These days I’ve embraced my calling as a natural teacher and I love to talk about business buying, tax lien investing, side hustles, property preservation and overall life as an entrepreneur, wife, mom and phenomenal Black woman. My goal is to always practice what I preach and teach and share my receipts along the way.

For a long time I believed that working as hard as humanly possible would lead to long lasting financial success for me and my family.
I learned the hard way that it’s possible to work hard forever and stay broke. And it’s easy to spend years, even decades, doing all the things that you feel like you have to do and putting the things you actually want to do on the back burner. Then, one day you wake up and you can’t even name what you truly want to do with your life. And that, my friends, is a horrific feeling.

I don’t have all the answers but I certainly have a few. As someone that’s had $300 months, $3,000 months and $100K months, I can speak to what was required at each stage of the journey. I’m a living testament to a statement made by the wise American philosopher Drake: “started from the bottom, now we’re here.”

Well, if I’m being 100% honest, I’m still hovering near the bottom lol. Instead of aiming for six figures, I should have been aiming for 8 figures all along. But, it’s all good. My life philosophy is pretty simple: learn something new every single day, make each day better than your last and destroy any poverty minded thinking one thought at a time. Join me!

what we do

Raise Your Hand If You Want To KEEP Your Job AND Create Extra Cash Flow Without Burning Yourself Out

Does this sound like you?

➡️ You have a full time job that pays all of your basic living expenses and leaves some residual income each month.

➡️ You do NOT want another job, but you DO want additional income streams.

➡️ You know for a fact that it’s possible to keep your job and build income streams but you have no clue where to start.Read More…

➡️ You’re tired of researching all of the latest trends like Air BnB, Turo, e-commerce, Amazon stores etc. You just want something that is simple to understand and simple to implement. You don’t want another class or course.

If you’re feeling like I just broke down your entire life, then I have two words for you: “Welcome Home.”

I know exactly what it’s like to want more income streams with no clue how to get the ball rolling. I know what it’s like to feel “stuck” and sick and tired of not living the type of life I  documented on my vision board.

I’ve created two signature programs to help you move your financial needle forward. Here’s a few disclaimers:

*These are NOT courses or classes.

*There is no pre-recorded content to watch.

*Everyone won’t be able to participate

*You can only register with my PRIOR approval which requires a short, introductory meeting via Zoom with one of our team members.

Now, if you’re someone that wants to take the DIY route, I’m a full supporter of that option as well. To access my free content, just subscribe to my YouTube channel — Also, feel free to follow @DanielleNicole on Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok.

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Real people; real results.

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